Programs Offered

Adult Classes

Childrens Classes

Aikido Based Combative System

Tuesday & Thursday: 7 - 9 pm
Saturday:            10:15 - 12:15 am
$75 per month             
$75 per month for 2nd adult family member
$5.00 per month for each additional family member

Kyu Ranks : $50.00
Tuesday:   6:00 - 6:55 pm
Thursday: 6:00 - 6:55 pm
$45 per month
$45 per month for 2nd child family member
$5.00 per month for additional child family member

Exams:  $25
Please call Sensei Morris for more info:  256-694-2715
The Aikido Based Combative System  (aka.  ABC'S)is conducted quarterly through out the year. This course totals 6 class hours of training with a certificate awarded upon completion .          
$50 per person
$90 per couple
Please see below for more details on this program.
The Adult Aikido class is a Traditional Aikido course that includes warm ups & physical conditioning prior to the beginning of each class. The techniques are supervised by a member of our Black Belts staff with the students safety our main concern. Typically promotions begin after 30 or so hours of concurrent training and vary there after according to the syllabus requirments for each Belt.
The Aikido Based Combative System (ABC'S) is designed for those individuals who can not dedicate long periods of time to learning a Martial Art, but still desire the self confidance of possesing formidable Self Defense skills.                                                                    Using the principals of Aikido (redirection of force, disruption of timing, balance & space, e.t.c.) the student learns vital concepts that heighten awareness, strategy and defensive concepts to include strikes, chokes and joint manipulation.
The Childrens program at Huntsville Aikido is designed to give children the awarness they need to avoid potential conflict and is a Defensive based program. Class begins with a formal bow in and warm ups. The techniques are closely supervised. Each class ends with Sensei covering the concepts of Self Discipline, Respect, Kindness e.t.c.